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  • How can I learn more about the Amberfield HOA Board of Directors? Can I attend a Board meeting?
    Amberfield Board meetings are typically held the second Tuesday of each month in the Riverfield Clubhouse Boardroom at 7:30PM.  Active members of the Amberfield HOA may attend the public portions of any Board meeting.
    For more information or to verify the date of a specific meeting, please contact us.
  • I'm selling my home, and my realtor has asked me for a letter from the Homeowners' Association. How do I get this?
    Please contact the Amberfield Board.
  • There is a water leak in my yard. Who do I call at the county to determine if the problem is mine or theirs?
     Call 678-376-6700 and ask for "dispatch". They will send someone out promptly to check it out for no charge.
  • What companies provide high speed Internet in this area?
     Comcast provides cable modem service. AT&T provides a DSL-like service called I-FITL. The cable modem gets you 6 mbps download rate, whereas the I-FITL is 1.5 mbps.
    You can reach Comcast at (404) 266-2278   and At&T at 1-888-321-2375
  • What is the paint color that we should put on our wooden fence?
  • Where can I find the neighborhood covenants?
    Your Amberfield Home Owners Association covenants are available in the HOA Documents section of this site.
  • Who do I call if a streetlight is burned out?
     Call Georgia Power at (888) 660-5890. It should take less than 1 week for them to get out and fix it.